Fresh Mexican Magic mushrooms, magic truffles, philosophers stones and Hawaiian fresh magic mushrooms
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Our most popular strain of cannabis seed from Nirvana seeds of Amsterdam

White Widow

white widow cannabis plant

Her buds are powdered with crystals and she is extremely sticky to the touch'


Fresh magic mushrooms - for UK customers only

As of the 18th of July 2005 fresh magic mushrooms, truffles and grow kits will officially become class 'A' drugs and we will no longer be able to sell them. 



The name of our website stems from a time when it was legally acceptable to grow magic mushrooms. We no longer sell magic mushrooms or magic mushroom grow kits but we do sell kits for growing edible mushrooms such as Oyster or Shiitake mushrooms.

Mushroom replacement products

Since the magic mushroom ban we have been scouring the market for new products which might interest our customers and we have come across a range of legal herbal highs which are getting excellent reviews.

In many western cultures Amanita is regarded as extremely poisonous. The mushroom is however used by various inhabitants of northeastern Asia as an intoxicant just as wine, brandy, opium, kava, and the like are used by other nations. All parts of the mushroom are psychoactive, though there is some evidence that the material just under the skin is the most potent. harvested under Pine, Oak and Bluegum trees. Please Note: Fly Agaric Mushrooms are cured at source they are dried at 170C this process changes the chemical structure of the poisons into a safe psychoactive compound.

12.5g A+++ Siberian Fly Agaric

£15 for 1 pack

Not for human consumption: sold for botanical / horticultural / herbarium specimens

1 pack (12.5g)
£15 - in stock
28g 1 ounce pack
- in stock
fly agaric fly agaric

NZ Party pills doves

No longer available


Banned as of 16th April 2010

NZ Party pills mind music

No longer available

Banned as of 16th April 2010

NZ Party pills head candy

No longer available


Banned as of 16th April 2010

NZ Party pills neuro blast

No longer available

Banned as of 16th April 2010

NZ Party pills chemistry

No longer available


Banned as of 16th April 2010

NZ Party pills summer daze

No longer available

Banned as of 16th April 2010


The law regarding fresh magic mushrooms (including truffles) and magic mushroom grow kits was changed on Friday 8th of April 2005. The new misuse of drugs act was sneakily rushed through parliament without any real debate before this parliament was dissolved. The new law criminalises the mushroom related products we sell but is giving us a short period of time to cease trading in them. The home office are yet to confirm the date at which possessing or selling mushrooms becomes an arrestable offence but in the meantime we will still be selling truffles, shrooms and grow kits. There has been some talk of the law coming into effect in July but nothing has been confirmed so our advice is to stock up now while you have the chance.

Before making any purchases on this website please read our disclaimer. Cannabis seeds are sold for collection purposes only and should never be germinated unless you live in a country where it is legal to do so. Any information on growing cannabis is provided for the benefit of people living in countries where it is legal to grow marijuana plants - for everyone else it is best left ignored.


I certify that I am of legal age. I understand that unless a product has been designated as a consumable item by grow magic mushrooms, it will be considered as poisonous and will not be taken internally in any manner by human or animal. In no event will grow magic mushrooms be liable to me or anyone else for any damages or injury caused by ingestion of this product or by it's misuse or improper use, or action taken by me in reliance on information or views either verbal or in literature purchased through grow magic mushrooms or for any incidental, consequential, special, or similar damages. All products here are sold for collection and specimen and I further state that I am purchasing these items at my own risk, and that I will not, hold grow magic mushrooms liable for any harm done to my self or any other life form by the use, misuse or abuse of any products sold here. I agree not to use any merchandise purchased from grow magic mushrooms in any illegal or dangerous manner. I understand that any information presented on this site is for informational purposes, and that no warranty to its accuracy. In no event shall grow magic mushrooms be liable for any damages other than the amount paid by me for product Any and all other damages, direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive, are hereby excluded

Legal information on magic mushrooms from the British home office

short stuff seedbank

Russian Rocket Fuel

Our russian rocket fuel strain is the result of crossing a heavy indica strain with very dense resinous buds with automatic NYC diesel which adds an exotic high and deeply fruity smell to the mix. This strain gives off a wonderful fuel-like aroma and really packs a punch


lowlife seeds

Auto AK47

The new wave of autoflowering hybrids is finally here, and leading from the front is the Automatic AK47! Our first foray into the autoflowering world and still our favourite. Crossing the very best AK47 we could find with the autoflowering genes of Lowryder, we have produced a strain that is the perfect blend of the two.