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Our most popular strain of cannabis seed from Nirvana seeds of Amsterdam

White Widow

white widow cannabis plant

Her buds are powdered with crystals and she is extremely sticky to the touch'


Magic mushroom syringes

We can no longer sell magic mushroom growkits as they have been banned in the UK.

The name of our website stems from a time when it was legally acceptable to grow magic mushrooms. We no longer sell magic mushrooms or magic mushroom grow kits.

If you want to order mushroom spore syringes visit -

You can also buy magic mushroom spore vials and magic mushroom spore syringes from


As with the truffle spores we are able to bring you magic mushrooms spore syringes of various different strains which you are able to look at under a microscope.

Golden Teacher  £15 golden teacher
B+ £15 golden teacher
Cambodian £15 golden teacher
Ecuador £15 golden teacher
Mazatapec £15 golden teacher

If you want to order mushroom spore syringes visit -


bresser biotar
The ideal beginners microscope to take the first steps into the world of microscopy, and all in a single box! Ideal for the novice psilocybin spore researcher.

This terrific laboratory starter kit features the Bresser Biotar DLX die-cast metal bodied microscope with easy to use zoom eyepiece and a host of accessories. This kit is definitely not a toy and contains sharp tools that are not suitable for young children. The Biotar DLX has a die-cast body coupled with good optics - this microscope is much more than a toy!

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It is supplied in a hard carry case that provides the perfect storage space and protection for the microscope and with a comprehensive set of accessories.

 Contents: Hard Carry Case, Microtome, Hatchery Tank, Shrimp Eggs, Yeast (Shrimp Feed), Sea Salt, Pipette, 10 Blank Slides, 5 Prepared Slides, 10 Cover Glasses, spare bulb, Image Projection Head and Dissecting Kit.

Specification:Magnification 50x - 1200x (Power of the instrument), Eyepieces 10x-20x Zoom (Magnification of eyepieces),Objective 10x, 30x, 60x (Magnification of objective lenses), Type of head M Yes (Monocular: single eyepiece), Illumination B&M Yes (Electric bulb and mirror for reflected natural light), Case Yes (Hard storage and carry case).5

Edible mushrooms spore syringes


branched oyster mushroom
Pleurotus cornucopiae (Branched oyster) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

This is one of the most beautiful mushrooms to grow, due to it's vivid yellow colours and one of the easiest too. Original from the subtropical regions of Asia, this Oyster mushroom grows big and providing a delicacy taste to your favourite mushroom recipes, impressing your guests with the eccentricity of this Pleurotus strain. Photo: Kinoko-ya
edible mushroom spores

Flammulina Velutipes (Enokitake) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

Used fresh but may be canned. Great in salads, soups and sautéed. It can vary from a white colour to light brown, usually when grown wild. Another hard wood growing mushrooms, adapting well to sawdust based substrates.

Easy to grow, keeps flushing abundantly for a long period of time. High values of antioxidants relate it to low cancer rates in case studies.
edible mushroom spores

lung oyster Pleurotus Pilmonarius (Lung Oyster) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

One of the fastest colonizers in the Pleurotus species, this one is likely to be the most well know strain for Europeans. Big chunks of meaty bodies give this Pleurotus delicacy reputation among gourmet lovers. Easy to grow, this strain is highly adaptable to high temperatures like those experienced in the Southern Europe. Goes well with pasteurized straw outdoors and also with sterilized substrates for indoors cultivation
edible mushroom spores

Grifola Frondosa (maitake) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

A big growing mushroom. May be grilled, fried, or stewed, yet it is said to be delicious cooked in a foil with butter and herbs. Mostly used in cancer prevention, due to its high antioxidant value, it is also known to simultaneously stimulate both innate and adaptive immune systems. Rich in minerals, fibres, vitamins, amino acids and beta-glucan
edible mushroom spores

oyster mushrooms
PleurotusOstreatus (oyster) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

Top Gourmet Mushroom, delicacy taste, eaten stuffed, grilled, fried or made in soup. Usually eaten fresh, dried made in soup or sauce. General immune system booster, notice to bring positive effects against HIV virus
edible mushroom spores

reishi Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

More than a mushroom, a true medicine. Proved to have anticancer, immunoregulatory, antioxidant activity, liver-protecting, hypoglycaemic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, still helps reducing blood cholesterol, inhibiting blood vessel regeneration (angiogenesis), antifibrotic properties, protection against radiation-induced damage, reducing lower urinary tract symptoms and increasing body endurance. To be used as tea or made into tinctures. Used fresh or dried.
edible mushroom spores

Lentinula Edodes (shiitake) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

Eaten dried or fresh. Dried it gains more amino acids and vitamin D. Sautéed, stew, grilled, fried or in soups, as well as sauce. Very high levels of antioxidants, essential to cancer prevention. Health benefits: anti-tumour effect & anti-cancer properties, up regulation of the immune system, treatment & prevention of thrombosis, anti-viral properties against herpes simplex (HSV-1), HIV, Influenza virus, Vesicular stomatitis. High protein value, great as substitute for meat.
edible mushroom spores

turkey tail Corioulus Versicolo (Turkey tail) - 10 ml spore vial liquid suspension

Formerly known as Corioulus Versicolor or more widely Turkey Tail due to it's resemblance with a wild turkey tail, this is one of the most common polypore mushrooms in the world.
The Turkey Tail is a well known medicinal mushroom is Asia, mainly in China where it is called Yun Zhi and used for centuries in the local medicine therapies as a potent immune system boosting agent.
Due to it's high value in Polysaccharides it is also broadly used in occidental countries, mainly as an adjuvant in cancer therapies. In Japan it is even covered by governmental health insurance.
edible mushroom spores


Philosophers stones truffle spores t-atlantis - FOR COLLECTION PURPOSES ONLY!

Now available for your research pleasure philosophers stones truffle spores. You can have a good look at these spores through your microscope perfectly legally but do not try and cultivate them.

Contents: Myco-Mate® 10ml Psilocybe atlantis (truffle) spores, 2 sterile alcohol swabs, sterile syringe

We now have 2 strains of truffle spores atlantis truffle spores and Tampanensis Pollock truffle spores.

Tampanensis Pollock truffle spores £20.00 truffle spore vials
Tampanensis atlantis truffle spores
£20.00 truffle spore vials

Sporemate™  Spore suspension vial  - 10ml


With these Magic Mushroom Spore Vials you are able to fill your research syringes. They last longer kept this way, as they are made from glass rather than plastic and are less prone to contamination before usage. - NOW AVAILABLE


PES Amazonian  £20
B+  - out of stock £20
PES amazonian  £20
Ban Hua Thai  £20
Golden Teacher  £20






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Legal information on magic mushrooms from the British home office

short stuff seedbank

Russian Rocket Fuel

Our russian rocket fuel strain is the result of crossing a heavy indica strain with very dense resinous buds with automatic NYC diesel which adds an exotic high and deeply fruity smell to the mix. This strain gives off a wonderful fuel-like aroma and really packs a punch


lowlife seeds

Auto AK47

The new wave of autoflowering hybrids is finally here, and leading from the front is the Automatic AK47! Our first foray into the autoflowering world and still our favourite. Crossing the very best AK47 we could find with the autoflowering genes of Lowryder, we have produced a strain that is the perfect blend of the two.