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Smoking Salvia

(1) Use a water-cooled smoking device (a water pipe, or bong). This makes it much easier to inhale large quantities of smoke. Because the smoke is cooled, it can be inhaled more comfortably without coughing.  

(2) Try to inhale the full dose in three lung-fulls. Each one should be inhaled slowly and deeply, then held for 20 - 30 seconds before exhaling. It is very important to retain each inhalation of smoke deeply in the lungs long enough for it to be absorbed efficiently. Do not pause between lung fulls (except for a short breath of fresh air if necessary). This insures that the whole dose will be consumed within the 2 - 3 minute period required. If the dose is smoked too slowly, it will be metabolized faster than it is ingested.

(3) Use a 'micro-torch' type lighter. Many people report better results when using this type of lighter. These produce a very hot torch-like flame that causes rapid combustion of the smoking material and hence produces more concentrated smoke. Because of the extra heat generated by these devices, it is important to use them in conjunction with a water-cooled smoking device.

(4) Use enhanced extracts. These products are concentrated, so that the entire dose can be more easily consumed. Some of these products are so refined and concentrated that a full dose produces no more than a tiny wisp of smoke. These products also have a health advantage, since they reduce the amount of smoke that must be ingested to achieve the desired level of effects. One must keep in mind however, that enhanced extracts must be used more carefully because of their greater potency. These products do not need to be smoked in a water-cooled pipe and come in 5x and 10x form. 

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Salvia divinorum was made illegal in the UK as of 26th May 2016

Salvia divinorum is a member of the mint family which also includes such familiar herbs as oregano and basil. There are dozens of Salvia species, but Salvia divinorum is the only one known to contain the psychoactive diterpenes salvinorin A and B. Salvia divinorum is a very rare plant, being found in only a few ravine locations in the Sierra Mazateca mountains of Mexico. A sacred plant, used by the Mazatec indians, revered for it's hallucinogenic effects.

The primary psychoactive constituent is salvinorin (a bicyclic diterpene with formula C23H28O8). This substance was unknown until recently and is still not well understood. How Salvia's chemistry works is still a mystery. Natives of Oaxaca Mexico used Lady Salvia for centuries for healing patients and divination and now many people in the modern world are discovering its benefits and uses.

Before making any purchases on this website please read our disclaimer. Cannabis seeds are sold for collection purposes only and should never be germinated unless you live in a country where it is legal to do so. Any information on growing cannabis is provided for the benefit of people living in countries where it is legal to grow marijuana plants - for everyone else it is best left ignored.


Salvia Safety

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Serious Chronic

Our most commercial variety, this medium height, not too dense plant is the perfect combination of good yield and excellent quality. Smokers that know and grow choose this plant for its combination of appearance and sweet smell. With its indica background Chronic can produce up to 600 g/m2 without losing that connoisseur feeling.